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Every brewery develops their own style of brewing different styles.  We have always believed in a little something for everyone.  We brew (sometimes) traditional styles from "light" and low bitter, to malty to robust.  We also love the creativity and art that Craft Beer has evolved into.  We love pushing the boundaries and  thinking outside the box, but still being true to craft without going overboard.  We brew styles that are known and loved in NE TN as well as bringing some creative craft that we love from the other side of the country.  


What we brew
This is not a current taplist


01 Sweet Sours

Crush- Candy Sour |
Twisted Alchemy GF Smoothie Sours

Sour beer with sweetness up front.  Crush Candy Sour is made with some of your favorite candy and Vixen Sweet & Sour is loaded with fruit at the end of the conditioning process to keep sweetness in the beer.  Both beers have contstantly rotating flavors.

02 Kettle Sours

Tongue Twister | Vixen |
Paradox Smoothie Sours

Catch our Gold Winning Tongue Twister.

Sour Sours brewed in traditional Kettle Sour Style.  All flavors are added early and the sugars are fermented out producing more alcohol.  This produces a higher ABV beer with all of the fruit flavor and little of the sugar sweetness but a nice amount of pucker.  All beers are constantly rotating flavors.

We also brew our fan fave Berliner Wisse and Gose'

Seltz 6ix Label.png


Bare Naked Seltz

Stripped Down so you can choose your flavor

Low Carb  Low Sugar  Gluten Reduced

ABV: ~5.8%

04 Refreshing + Light

What Do You Have That's Light? | Slow & Easy | Pursuit of Happiness


And MORE!  We love to always have a low bitter, crisp and refreshing beer available at all times.  Pilsner, Cream Ale, and lots of different Blondes.  There is one available at all times.



Hazy IPAs

Attitude Adjustment

Our Silver Award winning Hazy.  This one is the fan favorite, so it's the one we (almost) always have on tap.  The only one we constantly rebrew back to back. 

ABV: 6.8% IBU: 18

Juicy tropical and citrus

We will be rotating in some of our favorites and all new hazy IPAs


West Coast and American IPAs

Liquid Logic | Reality Check | Beer in the Woods

And more! We rotate our West Coast + American IPA's and brew them in only large runs.  We like to change it up, but still have clean clear and balanced IPA's on tap for all the Clear Beer people.


07 Double IPAs

Drunk Majestic Buffalo | Time Out

Pictured is our Silver Award Winning Drunk Majestic Buffalo.

Keeping those extra hoppy, bitey higher ABV clear beers flowing. 

08 Black IPA

Night Watch

One of our most popular beers.  A favorite to brew and a favorite to drink.  

Night Watch 6ix Label_edited.jpg

09 Malty

When Season Change Brown | Doctor Red | 

We love our malty styles as much as you do!  We frequently rotate though all different styles and are always working on somthing new.  

10 Savory

 Stouts + Porters

Skewed | Shadow Trace

We love creativity with hints of flavor.  Skewed Peanut Butter Whisky Stout, Shadow Trace Vanilla Bourbon Porter are just two of our favorites.


11 Dark + Robust

0-Dark-30 | Battle Site Zero

We like a variety of Stout and Porters from a summer stout with a lighter body to a rich Baltic Porter.  

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